Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Booya! Give me 60!

As mentioned last week, we'll be using our Friday time together to inspire one another, to organize, and to plan.

Boot Camp
It will be your responsibility to know your weapons of mass communication. To earn your rank with clearance to podcast, RSVP to one of the 60 minute Podcast Bootcamp Level 1 training sessions. We recommend that you sign up with a friend from class. Ideally, the first deliverable will work best if you pair up. You can do this on your own, but if you are nervous or not feeling the confidence, by all means collaborate! We're limiting seats to 15, if you cannot make one of these times, please send a message to Jeremy Robinson. (We initially were running this in a Doodle poll, but the Ning Event manager should work better; nod to Kristen Byers.)

Preparation for Session 2
We're going to talk about the world of podcasting this Friday and start organizing ourselves. To be best prepared for this session, search and listen/watch some interesting podcasts (audio or video).

What is a podcast?

How to find podcasts?
  1. As noted in the workshop overview, you really must have iTunes on your computer. Here are some tips on finding podcasts in the iTunes Store.
  2. Browse Podcast Alley or Podcast.com for top podcasts.
  3. Google it. Try the search terms [insert your interest] + podcast
As you listen to your podcasts, consider how it was produced. Here are some initial criteria you might note:
  • intended audience
  • length
  • style
  • formality
  • structure (e.g. intro, body, conclusion?)
  • editing / production
  • quality of audio, video
  • content relevance
  • subscribe worthy (would you come back for another episiode? Why?)

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