Friday, February 6, 2009

Workshop Overview: Bones in Search of Flesh

Welcome to MW 580 Digital Media for Change. The workshop is scheduled to meet face-to-face Fridays 2-4pm beginning Friday, Feb 6 for 6-8 weeks depending on how we use our time. We are now scheduled in a new room (B104).

If you are not yet enrolled for credit, but are seriously interested in joining the workshop as an auditor, you do not need my signature, but please note that by adding the course you fully understand the workshop expectations from Day #1:

Purchase and Dive Into Required Text*: Reynolds, Garr (2008). PresentationZen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design & Delivery. New Riders. Available online:

* I usually do not require books. This one, however, is a keeper and we will reference it a great deal during the workshop.

Additional readings, podcasts, and videos of relevance will be shared as we go.

Technical Requirements
There are no specific skill based pre-requisites for the workshop, however you should be mindful of the following:

1. You will be most well-served by bringing your laptop to the workshop sessions since we will not be in a formal lab space.

2. Join the course Ning network (our social and learning environment), create an account here: Complete your profile and tell us about yourself and your reasons for joining this workshop.

3. Install iTunes on your personal machine (downloadable here:

4. Create a Gmail / Google Apps account if you do not have one yet:

5. Know where the Digital Media Commons (DMC) is! Although you can complete most of of the workshop on your own machine, we will be working with the Macs in the DMC and consulting with staff there for assistance and project development.

Participants and non-credit Auditors will be expected to fully participate, and to complete deliverables. The workshop will require small team collaboration and active participation on many levels, as well as additional time learning and working with new tools. If you are not willing to make the commitment to the workshop, then you should re-consider auditing. There will certainly be other ways you can build your skill-set with the Digital Media Commons this semester!

I do not want to scare you away, but I do want you to know what to expect. If it helps, just imagine you are joining a really cool club called "Global Voices."

Deliverables as I am envisioning the workshop at this point will include:

A. Global Voices Podcasting Projects / Small Team-based

- 1 campus event podcast hosted on iTunes U

- 1 planned and produced podcast story hosted on iTunes U

The purpose of the Global Voices podcast projects is to allow participants to experience a complete digital media project cycle from development to pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. In addition to working with audio capture tools (field recorders, microphones, mini soundboards) and digital editing tools (Garageband, Audacity), you will gain experience in storyboarding and conceptualizing stories through idea generation and development discussions with our in-house workshop editorial board. We will look at example podcasts to determine what makes a podcast effective, popular, and high quality. We will also market our work to build an audience. This will include some basic graphic work and new media tools. Remember: Just because you make a podcast doesn't mean it will be heard!

Watch a brief YouTube video highlighting the vision for Global Voices:

Check out the MIIS iTunes U site (you will need to install iTunes; see above for details):

- Team contributions to the MIIS "Podcast Army" Wikibook

The wikibook will be a community collaboration, building off of workshop materials, aggregating team processes, and documenting best practices for future Global Voices recruits. Team will document their podcast project developments on the wiki as a record of their work and to contribute to the community knowledge base on implementing such projects.

B. Intersection Media Project and Portfolio Published on the Web/ Individual or Small Team-based

The final deliverable will be a multimedia project of your design. This is an 'intersection' project because I want to encourage you to design a project at the intersection of new media skills and tools covered in class, personal/professional interests, and academic experience. In many ways this is the practicum project for the workshop which will demonstrate your creativity, your developing 'new mind' senses for communicating with new media, and your technical skills. Projects will likely run the gamut from digital stories, to mini documentaries, or multimedia collage presentations. There are numerous possibilities here, limited only by your creativity. Although the workshop will expose you to different means of communicating with new media, you should work with genre and tools that you feel comfortable with. We will discuss project proposals and ideas during the workshop.

The "portfolio" aspect of this project is designed to provide rationale and context to how the project was conceived, developed, and produced. Project sites will allow for sharing and contribute to our multimedia project collection in the Digital Media Commons for others to learn from. A prototype of this kind of project which we will adapt can be found here:

If you've made it this far, you're in the right place! No, really, I am really excited by the possibilities this workshop will create for us as a learning community. There is great potential here to do some engaging and interesting work, that will contribute to the broader community.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns you may have.


Bob Cole, Director
Teaching & Learning Collaborative (TLC)
Monterey Institute of International Studies
an affiliate of Middlebury College