Thursday, April 16, 2009

DM4Change Project Updates

The semester is drawing to a close. There has been a ton of activity in the DMC and I've had the chance to see numerous projects in their development. In an effort to get a pulse on where all DM4Change deliverable projects are at in the production cycle, I need workshop participants to check-in with me.

Specifically, each participant should indicate a) your plan for each project (if not completed) or if completed a brief reflection highlighting your production process; b) a couple of key learnings; and c) a few bits of advice for future podcast soldiers. Please remember that there are three deliverables for this course:

1. Event capture podcast (individual or group)
2. Produced podcast (individual or group)
3. Intersection Project and Portfolio Published on the Web/ Individual or Small Team-based

For details on these projects please refer to the blog post on the syllabus.

Your project update should be in the form of a forum post in the Project Updates discussion in our DM4change Ning! so that everyone is able to see where you are at. I also hope to compile your final projects in our Ning! for archiving.

Please note that the Intersection Project requires a reflection write up highlighting how you have integrated DM4Change ideas into your coursework. Please refer to Gulmira's Finance Function project as a great example. Some guiding questions you might address include:
- What was your goal for this project?
- How did you conceive the project?
- What training or help did you get from the DMC or others?
- What is your rationale for using the media tools that you chose for your project?
- In what ways would you say multimedia transformed or enhanced this project if it were a traditional paper or presentation?
- In what ways did the conception, development, and production of this project contribute to your learning experience in the class you intersected with?
- Now that the project is completed, how could you improve on it if you were to do it again?

Questions? Please reply to the Project Updates forum.